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Visitor Point

Where a higher level of protection is required, Estate-Synergy offers stringent high-security mobile verification to validate that only authorized staff, contractors and visitors are permitted on and off-site. Additional features offer powerful security controls for added reassurance.

  • Full-featured User or intranet Web Interface application.
  • ON Premises and Cloud-based Application.
  • Read OCR, Images, chips, and pass-ports for Visitor registrations.
  • Update or verify Visitor information at the registration counter or on the move.
  • Schedule and manage meetings via Visitor point with hassle-free documentation work.
  • Express Check in and Check out.
  • The meeting is also scheduled via the web for an easy registration process.

VisitPoint can read from national, identity cards, passports, images, and smart chips. A simple web interface for the registration process makes the verification makes it very flexible to access the visitor information from any workstation. With the ability of mobile verification with mobile devices, Visitor Points make the entire registration streamlined and hassle-free process for scheduled meetings. Visitor Point is synched to upcoming meetings where the visitor and security personnel have live updates and info.

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